Gaming chairs can fill such a large market between ergonomic chairs and office chairs. I personally think that the right time and place are indispensable

1. At times, the Chinese people’s requirements for chairs are increasing.

Chinese traditional furniture is not comfortable to speak of. When we were young, we sat on wooden stools, high stools, benches, chairs with backrests, or rattan chairs with 2 cushions.

Some people say that on the sofa, when I was young, I did homework. How many people sit on the sofa? The height and design don’t seem to be too right.

Most of us have a general economic situation at home when we were young and traditional furniture is not humane. For a long period of time, most Chinese people have no idea whether a chair is good or not.

It was not until the post-80s and post-90s that they entered the society and started to make money. They have requirements for life. I saw an e-sports chair that is a bit more expensive, but more comfortable to sit on than an office chair, and has a good-looking shape. The time of the chair.

2. The geographical position, the e-sports chair was invented in China, and it is inseparable from the Chinese youth’s love for e-sports

E-sports chair, as one of the most successful products in the e-sports peripheral industry, we do e-sports people hope that the more the better, we can help them make money, users can get better products, and they can also Give back to the e-sports industry.

This is the e-sports industry ecology that should really be promoted, rather than burning a lot of money on some falsified data.

Industrial prosperity cannot be abandoned at any time, especially in this special period of foreign political and epidemic pressure.

Post time: Aug-05-2021