E-sports chair double eleven is on fire: sales soared by 300%, and the market behind it is huge

This year’s Double Eleven, if you want to talk about the most unexpected product “hot”, you have to mention the gaming chair.

The increase in the purchase of e-sports chairs cannot be separated from the outbreak of e-sports fever in recent years; on the other hand, it is inseparable from the cause of the epidemic. Sitting at home for a long time has higher requirements for the comfort of seat products.

The increase in the purchase of gaming chairs is inseparable from the explosion of gaming fever in recent years.

Whether you know about e-sports or not, you know it is popular, especially after the “EDG Niu X” screen was swiped by the circle of friends recently. In the early morning of November 7, in the 2021 “League of Legends” global finals, the EDG team from China defeated the Korean DK team 3:2 to win the championship. EDG’s victory quickly detonated the Internet. In the eyes of netizens, this means that e-sports is being accepted by mainstream values, making young people who love games excited.

Behind the popularity, the gaming chair industry is also full of problems. Domestic gaming chairs are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, with low R&D investment, resulting in low product quality. In addition, companies lack innovation, and product designs and appearances are the same. Some analysts believe that “companies that want to break through the status quo and increase market share need to invest more in the design and development of gaming chairs to improve consumer experience.”this is our company’s development trend that investing 20% from profit onto the new design innovation in 2022.

By 2023, global e-sports players will exceed 2 billion, and China will become the largest country and market area. This means that domestic e-sports chair brands still have a lot of room for display.

Post time: Aug-05-2021