Crazy gaming chairs, 500 million teenagers want it, creating a market of hundreds of billions behind!

Unexpectedly, gaming chairs have exploded.The sales of the entire category exceeded 200%.In addition, Anji, a small city where gaming chairs are produced, exported gaming chairs overseas during the year. Because of their solid quality, they are deeply loved by foreign consumers.
We ,Nova, is considered as top 10 in the gaming chairs manufacturer industry.

Some practitioners pointed out that the current penetration rate of gaming chairs is very low, with 500 million gaming players across the country, everyone wants an gaming chair.

The spending power of this group of e-sports teenagers is too strong, they actually support hundreds of billions of new tracks!

E-sports is hot, and the e-sports chair is downwind

On November 7th, the Chinese e-sports team EDG won the League of Legends S11 Global Finals. Behind the 1 billion views, it is the great development of the entire e-sports industry.

Since 2003, when the State General Administration of Sports listed e-sports as the 99th official sports event, China’s e-sports has undergone a long and tortuous development.

Until 2018, at the Asian Games in Jakarta, e-sports was listed as a performance item for the first time, the Chinese national team won two championships, and e-sports was completely out of the circle and became a topic of discussion in mainstream society.

Data shows that since 2020, the domestic e-sports market has maintained rapid growth. The growth rate of the mobile e-sports game market alone has reached 36.8%, while the growth rate of the entire e-sports ecological market has reached 45.2%. The scale of e-sports users in the entire industry has reached 500 million.

The increasingly hot e-sports makes us unable to ignore the development potential behind it.

According to statistics, the overall market size of China’s e-sports in 2020 will be close to 150 billion yuan. And it has spawned the development of many downstream industries. Such as e-sports hotels, e-sports chairs, e-sports peripheral equipment, e-sports venues.

Even IKEA has launched an overall e-sports room solution to replace the traditional study room.

The epidemic, regarded as a scourge, has also brought an unexpected turn for the development of the e-sports industry.

Limited by the partition of physical space, most people spend more time at home and spend more time sitting for a long time. Naturally, playing games and watching live games have become important entertainment and pastimes.

Statistics show that among Chinese e-sports users in 2021, the proportion of e-sports users who play 11-20 hours a week on average is the highest, reaching 34.5%. In terms of watching e-sports events, 64.7% of e-sports users watch on average every month More than 10 hours.

Such a long game time has provided a huge demand for the development of downstream gaming chair manufacturers.

However, gaming chairs were originally equipped for professional gaming players and hardcore players. This can provide them with a comfortable and stable gaming experience, while reducing fatigue and improving gaming performance. Ordinary players generally don’t buy it.

But with the display of various game events and game anchors, as well as the development of the gaming chair industry, ordinary gamers have begun to grow grass gaming chairs in their hearts. The demand for the entire gaming chair industry can be said to be getting wider and wider

The upstream flowing water keeps surging, and the downstream industries can flourish.

From this point of view, the popularity of e-sports chairs cannot be separated from the popularity of e-sports, let alone the boost of the epidemic.

The user is very young and the gaming chair is very individual

In addition to the more and more people who play games, the people who play games are also very young, which also brings opportunities for the development of e-sports chairs.

According to the statistics of the “China E-sports Industry Research Report 2021″ released by iResearch, 68.3% of Chinese e-sports users are male, and the post-95 generation Z accounted for more than half of the population, which means The e-sports industry is extremely dynamic, and users’ consumption trends are also more diversified.

Then the e-sports industry with men as the main consumer market will naturally rise through this wave of male consumption.

To this end, e-sports chair vendors have launched many personalized products to meet the consumer needs of young people in the Z era.

Common e-sports chairs are mostly based on bucket seats in supercars and racing cars, with colorful leather and thick foam pads, and corresponding elbow support, so that consumers can look comfortable and sit down. Comfortable.

And if you want something more cool, you can also add RGB lights, support custom motion editing, so that your gaming chair shines from the outside to the inside, and you can customize your own romance.

Post time: Aug-05-2021